Hi y'all! I'm Courtney Andersen. 

Yes, I'm a y'all person!  Southern roots but raised in the Midwest. I'm a Sober Coach, Health + Fitness Coach, and the Founder of Sober Vibes an online support community for recovery and sober-curious women of all ages.  I'm a wife and cat mom to my little fur pants, Fiona.  My favorite day of the year is August 18, 2012, because that is the day I finally stopped the madness of addiction and started to do some real LIVIN!



Hey there, I'm Lori!


I know that to give up alcohol and be a woman who doesn't want to drink is worth every second of time it takes and more.

There is a beautiful life and freedom beyond the bottle.

Take that first step and learn to LOVE the hell out of the ride. 

Professionally, I'm a Life Coach, Mentor, Certified Nutrition Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur.  and co-founder of National Sober Day (9/14.)

I specialize in teaching women over 40 how to LIVE and LOVE themselves without alcohol by using a holistic daily practice.

I believe that midlife is the best life, and alcohol does not belong there. 



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