Episode 20: SOBER talk with Courtney & Lori

Mar 28, 2019

In this episode, the ladies discuss what their mission is for RAW and have an open discussion about Sobriety!

Some of you may wonder what exactly are they talking about when they say RAW?? The RAW part of it is our 30 Day club! It's a Sober lifestyle plan or community for women of all ages. Each month we share one lifestyle topic and discuss that, give tips and continue to help you along the way in your sober and recovery journey. We do two coach meetings a month along with one video from Courtney and one video from Lori!

We understand we all are recovering from something and the most potent help of all is from women who walk the same path as you.

A community is essential with finding your balance and holding yourself accountable.

What Courtney and Lori believe in,

Judgment free.

We believe in owning and speaking our truth.

Working through shame and not avoiding it.

You are supporting one another.

We are empowering one another.

We are helping one another.

You are keeping it real, always.

You are laughing along the way.

There is no one way to recover.

Exciting campaign coming out in April called "Wear your Shame." What is this, it will be a series of shirts you can represent that has your shame on it from emotional eating to being divorced we have you covered in something that may be eating you alive because you are ashamed of it. Stress kills, yall!! Be open and release it; this is what helps us heal and grow.

The HUGE announcement the girls drop on you for this episode. Be ready to cry; both girls did! Continue awareness for the Sober community is very important to both ladies and future generations to come.

To listen to this episode, click here


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