Are Virtual Sober Group Programs For You?

Jul 16, 2019



Joining a virtual group coaching program is one of the most beneficial things you can do nowadays.


 We know there is a variety of different group coaching programs that you can choose. We want to thank you in advance for your consideration in joining one of our groups.




Our coaching packages are run online through our website, Real Aligned Women where you can log in securely with your private password to view your session work, listen to audio trainings,  video trainings, and download resource guides, worksheets, and supplemental material. 


In both group coaching programs, we offer 1:1 coaching sessions with us via Zoom meetings. Zoom meetings is an audio and video platform that you can connect to via your phone or computer. 


Each session is 30-60 minutes long and includes a Q & A so you can ask anything in a safe setting to get the answers you want, and need. 


We offer a closed or secret Facebook group as an option where our students and members can meet 24/7 to connect, support, and provide each other with accountability. 




We run two different virtual groups. Our 30-day healthy sober lifestyle club, RAW offers: two group coaching calls a month based off of one sobriety based topic, a membership site with mini-workshops, workbooks, and resource guides, and a community of like-minded women working together in wellness and recovery. 


The other virtual group coaching package we offer is The Sober Sessions.  The sessions provide you with an in-depth look into what to expect during your first year of living an alcohol-free life through a 6-week coach-guided program. 


The sessions are designed to give you the essential tools and resources you need while teaching you how to navigate the most common (and some uncommon) situations that arise when you quit drinking.  For example: 


  • How to accept your relationship with alcohol and identify why you drink
  • Treating your drinking as a relationship to help you break up with “the drink” for good 
  • Grieving your former drinking-self so that you have closure instead of thinking about what if I could make it work 
  • Setting boundaries with family and friends so that you stick to your plan; not theirs
  • Releasing shame, guilt, and regret by learning to let go of old stories that you are holding onto that are holding you back
  • Connecting with your inner girl to recognize where your drinking habits and behaviors started 

and more.  




Both programs help you create a sober lifestyle plan and keep you accountable in your sobriety. The programs help you connect with other women, so you know you are not alone. We give you the basic, no bs, steps to take to make sobriety as simple as it could be because overwhelming does not belong in an alcohol-free life. 


Everything we provide via our coaching sessions and beyond gives you a sense of love and support and connection with like-minded women and coaches who have been there done that.


Between the two of us, we have a combined 12 years of sobriety and 40 years of the drinking experience.  We know how to help you figure sobriety out, so it works for you. 




Our hope and mission is to make sure you feel heard, understood, loved, and have confidence in your decision to live life on your terms; sans alcohol. 


Also, when you take a break from drinking, you expand all areas of your life to new levels.  When you stop drinking, you gain clarity, energy, and self-respect. Plus, you lessen anxiety, guilt, regret, and shame, so you have more time to spend on YOU, not the drink. 


Either program you choose will take you to a new level of living and growing and connecting with other women who get you and hear you and love you just as you are. 


You have everything you need to make a big change in your life; you are more than enough. 


We see you, we hear you, and we welcome you. 


Are you unsure if group coaching if for you?  Click here to ask us anything and see how we can help you decide. 

Listen to our podcast about The Sober Sessions and how accountability works. 



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